Transition - moving on from Springfield

Welcome to our transition page.  We would recommend that parents start looking at options for after Springfield in Year 10 to give plenty of time to consider next steps and ensure appropriate provision is in place.  Even though leaving school seems like a really long time away, it's amazing how quickly time passes and we need to ensure we don't run out of time to apply for your son/daughter's next placement.
Most parents/students choose to stay at Springfield for the Sixth Form.  This is not compulsory and we need to let you know that students can choose to go to a different college, if this would better meet their needs.  Alternatively, students can stay in our Sixth Form for two years, then move over to a local college.  Information about our local colleges can be viewed below.  
There are also apprenticeships - generally students from Springfield might access an inclusive apprenticeship after a supported internship or college.  These have a minimum entry requirement so anyone considering an apprenticeship is encouraged to look at these requirements and and consider how to get to this point.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Laura Armitage at school.
For more information on our pathways, please have a look at the document, below: