Secondary and Sixth Form Curriculum

The Secondary and Sixth Form department continue to develop the current curriculum to ensure that it meets the needs of all pupils. Recently we have moved onto a Prime & Specific Curriculum. Those pupils functioning at P.Level 3(ii) and below will study a Prime Curriculum which ensures that they cover all the fundamental areas that are important for their development. For pupils who are at P.Level 4 and above they will study a Specific Curriculum which ensures that they are covering a broader range of subjects. The majority of the Secondary department follow a specific curriculum outlined below:

Secondary Department

Preferred Learning

The secondary curriculum continues to teach in Preferred Learning groups 80% of the timetable subjects of PE, Science, Maths, English, Computing and Cooking.

 Depending on the Cohort of pupils for KS4 will determine whether we will be delivering Entry Level in that subject or continue with the National Curriculum development.

  • At KS4 PE, Science is accredited by Entry level exams through Edexcel for higher ability pupils.
  • At KS3 pupils follow the NC schemes of work further differentiated by our subject coordinators.
  • Assessment – KS4 and KS3 assessment is through accreditation and the curriculum is assessed through Onwards and upwards.

Flexi Days

Flexi days are now taught in blocks of 4 days per subject.  Each class presents a final showcase at the end to share work with other classes.  Each Childs work is assessed through a flexi day book where work is collated and marked following the flexi day book guidance. The subject coordinator collates end of topic levels for moderation.

Vocational Subjects

Vocational subjects are delivered through the timetable to include cooking and enterprise

Other Subjects

Music has a discrete teaching block on the timetable and is assessed using B squared.

Morning Sessions – These run from 8.50am – 9.30am

These sessions are where PSHE is delivered and is done with the form tutor.

Speech and Communication

Specific pupils receive 2 hours a week of sessions dedicated to communication and speech therapy.



Sixth Form Curriculum – All Sixth Form work is assessed through External Awarding Bodies.


The Sixth Form currently follows three different curriculum’s dependent on ability.

Curriculum 1 is aimed at higher ability pupils and is further split to offer a full complement of differentiation. English, Maths and ICT is taught through either NOCN’s functional skills or ASDAN’s personal progress.  Pupils follow additional courses in Employability, Travel Training and Food as appropriate. All pupils have either a work experience or part time Bridging the Gap placement.

Curriculum 2 is aims at offering pupils independent life skills. All pupils follow the ASDAN Personal Progress course which covers a wide range of functional skills ranging from cooking a basic meal to using public transport.

Curriculum 3 is primarily for PMLD pupils and here students are offered a range of ASDAN Towards Independence units.

*We are currently setting up our Forest Schools provision and should be up and running towards the end of the school year.

Bridging the Gap

For some of the most able KS5 placements this programme is available to provide real work placements in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University. Students work mostly independently for up to four day per week. On the fifth day they follow the Travel Training course and a range of other short, work related qualifications.

Work Experience

Our Work Experience programme is delivered by an external company (Safer Opportunities) and offers support to pupils not only with the finding of placements themselves, but also the theory work back at school. The ultimate goal is for the pupils to travel and attend these work placements on their own, but for some of who this is not a realistic goal, it offers the experience of a real life workplace.