Xavier and Russell New Build Blog

1st April 2019
Welcome back to our New-Build blog!
You may remember that we went to visit the site office last February to find out about the new building addition to Springfield School. It was interesting to look at the plans and talk about developing new classrooms and trying to imagine what the classrooms might look like.
This time we were invited to put on our hard hats to go and see the progress for ourselves. We met Russ, the new director of the building work who told us about his role, coordinating everyone on site and making sure that everything was safe and well made. Russ told us about how CAD (Computer Aided Design) has taken over from the old blueprint style of drawing. It’s much more accurate and detailed, and easier to make alterations as the build develops.
We also met Graham, who ensures that all the materials and equipment is on site and is within budget, he’s the ‘bean -counter’.
Another member of the building team was Dave, the site manager who keeps all the tradesmen working hard.
We put on our PPE and followed Dave over to look inside the building. It was amazing to see all the different things that were going on. The tradesmen had made a special wall section to help explain how the building was made. We looked at pipes and wires and insulation as well as the different cladding and structural materials. There were electricians and plumbers and other tradesmen on site too. It was great to see ‘behind the scenes’ and we even learned that the wiring is colour coded for different systems. We can’t wait for the next site visit.....
Russell and Xavier