Support Careers Education at Springfield School

We currently have links with a number of local organisations thanks to the hard work of Safe Opportunities, including, but not limited to:
  • Direct Access
  • Ableworld
  • The Co-op
  • Belong
  • Hollymere House
  • AO
  • Bentley
We're always looking for more businesses to support our young people.  This offer looks different for everyone.  It could be:
  • Face-to-face or virtual session with a whole class about your role/company
  • Hosting a regular work experience placement
  • Hosting a one-off work experience taster session
  • Spending time with a class to meet potential future employees (you could come for lunch one day!)
  • Putting school in touch with someone involved in recruitment from your business
  • Flying the neurodiversity flag in your workplace - the majority of businesses that give opportunities to our young people have a personal experience of someone with a learning difficulty or disability so let's spread the word about how fabulous our young people are and how much they have to offer a workplace
Parents, relatives and friends of our students have been asked about their careers to inspire our young people so we're really looking forward to getting them on board this year.
Please contact Laura Armitage if you could offer anything to further enhance our curriculum offer to our students.  See below for our External Provider Statement: