Remote Learning

Remote Learning at Springfield School 

In the event of a further school closure, the Remote Learning Package offered to all students is detailed below:

  • Your class teacher will be paired with another teacher to deliver remote learning, they will deliver sessions on alternate days (the opposite day your child’s teacher will be in school)
  • Teachers will be offering two zoom sessions per day, these will be a range of activities, singing, games, life skills, literacy, numeracy etc, that will be appropriate for your child.
  • There will always be at least two members of staff on the call to ensure a level of safeguarding for all pupils and staff. 
  • You have access to e-schools for any concerns / queries to discuss with your teacher
  • If your child doesn’t attend the zoom sessions the teacher will follow up with a phone call on weekly basis.

We understand that this may not be appropriate for all so there will be a level of flexibility with your teacher.


If a student is isolating, but the class remains open, parents/carers are asked to contact your son/daughter's class teacher to discuss home-learning that will be appropriate and meaningful for them.


If you do not have access to a suitable device and internet connection please complete the form below, we are currently working with the DfE to ensure all pupils have the technology required for remote learning.