New Building Update

3rd June 2019
We had another visit to the new building today, and the difference is astonishing. The scaffolding is down and the outside has had an acid-wash to bring the brickwork clean. The windows are huge and this makes the classrooms feel really large and spacious. Once inside the entrance there are two classrooms downstairs and two upstairs.
We were surprised to see that each classroom has their own sink and worktops and plenty of plugs for our laptops. There's even a cloakroom area. It's going to be so nice to work in these spacious and light filled rooms after being in the main school building all year.
In the classroom we looked at, progress is really good. The plaster work is done and there were some strange circles drawn on the wall.
Dave, the site manager, explained that one of his jobs is to look for imperfections in the work and draw a circle to highlight, ready for a repair. Dave then showed us the various tools that the different tradesmen use, and we asked lots of questions about the materials too. For example, we learned that the doors are specified to hold back a fire to two hours, amazing!
There are still lots of jobs and decorating still to do, but it'll be worth waiting for.
Russell and Sam