3LC January 2019

31st January 2019
3LC and 4MOD visited St Mary’s church in Nantwich on Monday to learn about what was inside the typical church and the purpose of the building. Rachael and Erin read us prayers from the pulpit and lectern, we listened to the wedding march on the organ and listened to the stories illustrated on the stained glass windows. 3LC have also enjoyed a visit to Queen’s Park this week and practised ordering food and drink for their snack in the cafe. We learnt about minor and severe bleeding in first aid, practised using the school phone to make an emergency phone call, to get an ambulance and role played dressing minor cuts and grazes, cleaning the wound and applying a plaster. We went to Tesco Extra to do our food shopping on Thursday, we used a shopping list to identify what we needed to buy and used the signage in the store to find the items. We made bacon and egg sandwiches for snack and carried out cleaning routines afterwards.