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15th February 2019

New Build Blog

 Have you ever wondered what’s happening in your school and local community? Want to keep yourself in the loop? Welcome to the new Springfield Blog.

If you’ve driven past Springfield lately you may have seen the building work in front of the existing school building; its our new Upper school facility being built.

We went over to meet Gary, the site manager to see what’s going on.

We went to the site office where we got our high visibility jackets and hard hats on. These are part of the special protective equipment that all workers and visitors must wear when on site. Sometimes they even wear, safety glasses masks and everyone must have big boots on too.

The site manager’s job is to order materials, check the quality of the work and look at the technical drawings to make sure the building is built correctly. We looked at the drawings to see what the building would look like from above.

There are lots of different people on site, plumbers, electricians and brick layers all doing their specialist jobs, working together to get the job done. We saw lots of big diggers, called ‘plant’, and piles of bricks and materials ready to be used in the building.

We asked when the work would be finished, and Gary said that we should be able to move to the new building around April time. We are very excited about that, it’s not too long away.

We’ll visit again next month to see how the building is developing and we may be able to have a look inside too.


Tyler and Rachel