3LC & 4MOD Visit to Chiquitos and Synagogue

15th February 2019
3LC and 4MOD visited Stoke synagogue this week, we looked at lots to artefacts like the mezuzah which Jewish people have on their front doors. We looked in the ark and saw the amazing Torah scrolls and silver and Hanukkah oil lamps. We saw the eternal flame burning above the ark and the Ten Commandments written in Hebrew. We all tried on a kippah and Martin showed us a tallit (prayer shawl). We all had a go at blowing the Shofar, a rams horn, which is used in services at Synagogues, Bradley and Bartosz P managed to make a sound out of it.
We also enjoyed our visit to Chiquitos for lunch this week. Everyone ordered their own meal and enjoyed socialising with their friends, a nice end to a busy half term. Have a lovely break.