October 2018

11th October 2018
 3AO have been to Alcumlow Hall Farm in a series of visits designed to develop our communication skills. We have been to make ceramic glazed decorations at the “Little Harts Pottery”, where each child asked for different coloured paints and equipment.
In our next visit to the farm we hope to transfer these communication skills to choosing and buying a Snugburys ice cream. These functional activities are important in the development of our students confidence, and to reinforce essential life skills.
Preferred Learning Group 2 have been to visit the Design and Technology workshop at Adelaide school in Crewe.
We have worked with different materials including plywood and acrylic to create our own personalised clocks. The pupils have learned many new skills whilst developing their dexterity and concentration. We have used a variety of hand tools, computer aided design equipment and large workshop machines to manufacture our projects. It is important for our pupils to experience new environments and to meet new people to create a confidence that will help them as they work towards independent living in the future.